performance at scale

ours is a cloud-optimized hosting platform that helps you reach users with the lowest latency possible and handle sudden spikes in traffic without missing a beat.

super-fast network

closer to your users

our multinational presence enable businesses to remain close to clients in various markets, improving their experience and paving the way for improved reputation and revenues.

multiple datacenters

high-level preemptive security

our secure-by-design hosting infrastructure protects your data, applications, and users, with advanced anti-malware and threat detection.

automated security

high availability

the primary design goal in making Hostragon hosting platform highly available (HA) is to minimize downtime with vertical scalability.


holistic data loss protection

our hosting infrastructure is built to store data backups for account restoration and disaster recovery. Even in an event of data loss caused by accidental or malicious data deletion or corruption, such as from user error, malware, or faulty software patches and upgrades, we can always restore every single account, email, database, etc.

backup and recovery

responsive customer support

whether you're just starting out as a new website owner/administrator or a long-time user, our team will help you solve your issues, and guide you on how to get the most out of the tools we provide. we are indeed committed to providing you with exceptional customer support.

award-winning support

Trust & Security

The Hostragon security team is 100% dedicated to providing you with the highest security levels possible. Our enterprise security model is built on years of building zero trust networks combined with best-of-breed ideas and practices.

Our security model is designed to protect your critical assets with unique capabilities & with an in-built operational processes that continuously monitor for malicious activity that prevent, detect, and respond to threats.

Data in transit and at rest is 100% encrypted and we do provide SSL HTTP(S) for every website/domain you host with us automatically. And as we grow, we will continue to invest in our security, innovation, and operational procedures that will benefit our customers in a secure and transparent manner.

Faster Load Times

Performance plays a major role in the success of any online venture. We are also know that poorly performing sites and applications poses real costs for the people who use them. If your website is fast & responsive, it definitely will play a role in making your business more profitable.

So using the latest protocols & best practices, every machine in our data-center has been fine-tuned to serve your application with the lowest latency possible.

We often run multiple different performance tests including load testing applications under high load over a long period to observe effects on factors such as memory use and response time on each host machine.

We also continuously perform stress testing including system functional testing while under unusually heavy loads, complex queries to database systems, and fully convinced that hosting a website on our hosting platform, will be a different experience from what you normally get from other web hosting companies.

Reliable Uptime

Hosting your website with us means hosting on a highly redundant hosting infrastructure designed for maximum reliability & uptime.

It means hosting on a platform with excellent response time where your site will always be up and running 99.978% of the time. Even in the midst of an outage, you will always be able to reach an engineer to get things sorted out fast.

If your website is being plagued by outages, it is time to move to a more reliable web hosting infrastructure that could scale with your customer base & growth. As a customer, you are and will be protected by our 99.9% network and uptime SLAs, round-the-clock proactive monitoring, and a guaranteed credit for any server downtime.

Scalable Storage Space

Our high-performance NVMe SSD storage offers best-in-class IOPS and the highest level of availability & performance. The disk storage system that stores your data has been designed with much thought given to resilience against errors or outages and to help you quickly serve user-generated content.

Network Bandwidth

We don't want to be that hosting company that unexplainably suspend/terminate your hosting account because you have used up too much bandwidth despite the "unlimited" promised. For us, fairness is the watch-word. Every account starts with 100GB of egress bandwidth and more can purchase when needed.

High Availability

Each cPanel web server is typically bound by the IO limits of the storage back-end rather than the compute requirements. Each active server has an additional state: standby. However, even with our multi server replication, only a single instance will be active at any time while the other instance is a hot standby and does not process requests. If the active server fails, or loses network connectivity, then one of the standbys will take over and become the active instance.

For scalability, your website should be able to handles peaks and dips in traffic. As your hosting service provider, we give you the ability to add or remove resources thus optimizing costs and resource consumption. We give you unlimited flexibility to resize your storage, add more bandwidth or resources when you need to.

Superior Tech Stack

Our hosting platform is built as modern cloud infrastructure with the best time-tested technologies.

From web hosting control panel that enables you to set up and run new websites and applications, scripting language, e-mail accounts, DNS entries and reseller accounts in the cloud to secure virtual machines, we work each minute to ensure that our hosting platform meets the challenges of tomorrow.

Secure Locations

Web hosting is an online business but doesn't exclude it from the laws of physics.

Latency on fiber links is constrained mostly by the distance and the speed of light in fiber, which is roughly 200,000 km/s (or 124,724 miles/s).

The nearer a web server is deployed to the users, the better the latency.

When accessing a website hosted in Ashburn, the latency that the user in Frankfurt, Germany observes will be much different from what another user in Portland, United States might experience.

That is why we offer multiple locations so that you can deploy your application closer to the majority of your users and choose the best configuration for it.

Data Backup

In order to keep the services you use running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we ensure that your data is replicated multiple times between active and stand-by servers so that in the case of a machine failure, data will still be accessible through another system.

Backups are religiously taken every 2 days and replicated to secondary data centers to ensure that even if a machine, an entire data center—fails or partner fails, your data will still be accessible.

Customers can also back their data and take snapshot of thier account at any time of the day using our simple-to-use graphical user interface.

Disaster Recovery

Implementing a robust business continuity plan around the loss of a primary datacenter requires the ability to quickly and easily fail to a hot backup site.

Hostragon has a business continuity plan for its data centers and production operations. This plan assumes that services may be unavailable for up to 30 days.

24X7 Customer Support

Not only do we want to be known as a hosting company that offers great hosting at a great price, but we are also aiming to build a great reputation for supporting our customers.

That's why we normally think of ourselves as the web hosting support team that works each day as not to let you down. Each hosting account on our servers is managed by a team of hosting experts available 24/7/365.

So when you or your developer runs into one of those sticky problems, you will always get the helping hands you need, when you need it — no excuses.

Customer Voices

Businesses of all sizes are choosing Hostragon to build what’s next.

I've worked with more hosts than you can possibly fit in your hands. The team has helped us focus on our web designing service instead of worrying about the infrastructure that host our customer's applications. Great support, great uptime, great speed.

We moved our infrastructure to Hostragon starting with our staging environment. After extensively testing the staging environment on their hosting platform, we took the plunge & migrated the rest of our cloud environment. Our entire infrastructure now runs on Hostragon and we couldn't have been happier.

We simply wanted to focus on our business and leave the hosting to engineers. With this managed hosting service, we got faster website speed, US-based servers & delightful customer support. For an e-commerce store like ours, it has been fantastic.

Take the next step.

Even custom hosting solutions. We help organizations develop robust, secure, scalable, highly available solutions that allow them to meet business objectives. Tell us about your project, and our sales team will be in touch shortly.

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