Web Hosting FAQs

Browse through these web hosting FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions we often get when it comes to hosting your website with Hostragon.

What is a web hosting service?

Web hosting service is a service you use when you lease or rent a web space from a web hosting service provider in order to make the contents of your website available online to users.

A web hosting service provider provides & and is most cases manage the servers that stores and powers your website.

With your website online and reachable from all parts of the world, you can tap new market, acquire new customers and move beyond the limitations/restrictions that doing business only physically often imposes.

How do I create a hosting account?

Please visit Hostragon web hosting plans URL to get started. You will be guided through the entire process.

Once your hosting account is ready, you will get the most integrated web hosting experience with seamless access to billing and support resources from inside cPanel.

If you don't know how to install an application on your website, just ask our technical team to help get that done.

But please note that we don't do website customization though as that is a job for your web developer/designer. We are also happy to point you to the right direction if you don't have a developer or web designer who can assist.

What types of hosting do Hostragon offer?

We offer flexible hosting plans under our:

Do Hostragon offer cPanel/WHM licenses?

Yes we do. Customers on our shared hosting plans have access to the latest cPanel version with all its features and doesn't need additional cPanel licenses.

Even better is the fact that each hosting account comes with access to WHM (Web Host Manager) reseller interface.

WHM enables you to resell cPanel under your own brand.

We also offer cPanel license with each Lightsail VPS, Compute VM or bare-metal server we offer.

How long will it take to get started with web hosting?

Our shared hosting plans are provisioned and created almost instantly.

Cloud virtual machines and dedicated solutions may take up to 1-3 hours since we need to install cPanel on them and configure the server.

Can I host multiple websites on my web server?

Yes, every hosting package we offer enables customers to host multiple websites on their web server.

Do you offer free SSL certificate?

Yes. We don't host domain and websites without SSL.
AutoSSL is enabled for every hosting package and your websites are automatically secured with a Domain Validated SSL certificate.

Perhaps even more exciting is the fact that your coverage will never lapse because at expiration time a new, free SSL is requested and automatically installed.

If after the next 24 hrs this hasn't been implemented, please do create a ticket and our tech support team will take it from there.

Do you provide DDoS protection?

Yes we do and it is because we genuinely believe that Hostragon should be the best logical choice for businesses who are serious about security.

Every web hosting account, virtual private server or dedicated server we host or manage comes with anti-DDoS suite, advanced AI-powered firewall/WAF with machine-learning rulesets, login/intrusion detection, automatic virus & malware scanning and removal, malicious PHP script detection and blocking, brute-force attacks at both network and HTTP levels and native integration with CloudFlare Firewall.

How can I choose a good web host?

There are not set criteria to choosing a web host because often what works for one person, may not work for another.

The same applies to a use case as every use case is unique.

However, a good web host should naturally give you the ability and/or tools you need to create the website you want, secure the website and as well as provide the site with adequate storage, speed, and uptime reliability.

If a web host can provide you these along with great support, then it is OK.

So essentially you should be looking at these below as deciding factors though there are other variables to each:

  • Price of sign-up and renewal: In addition to the cost of sign-up, ask the hosting company for renewal rates terms and ensure that there is no hidden fees or obligations.
  • Technical capabilities: Ensure that the web host has the tools you need including a site builder, and that these meets your site requirements. Also check to ensure that the web hosting company allows you to scale the hosting package you start off with because your business will definitely grow in the future and will need more resources.
  • Hosting management: Think about who will be doing the bulk of the site management — such as updating site content. Will you be doing this yourself or will you be needing a website administrator? How much can the web hosting provider assist your in maintaining your hosting account? Mark, it says hosting account and not website management as these two are entirely two different things.
  • Ease-of-use: Does the web host you are contemplating using have the tools and features that will enable you manage your hosting account? If yes, how accessible are these to you? And do you have the technical chops to use the tools and features that your web host has provided?
  • Ease-of-setup: How fast can you get your new hosting account up and running? And how fast can you get your new site online? Does your web host provide 1-click scripts such as Softaculous or Installatron that you can use to install web applications easily on your website after your hosting account is ready?
  • Technical support: No matter how proficient & skilled you may be as a website/server administrator, you will sooner or later need help with a hosting account or web server. So how important is it that someone is available 24/7 to help you trouble-shoot issues? Do you need email and/or chat support or will you also be needing phone support too? Is phone support is needed? does the web hosting company have a phone number listed where you can reach them? If email or ticket will do, how responsive are they to the support tickets you will create?
  • Customization: Installing an application on your website is easy, but you may want to make it yours. Will you be able to customize and update the site as you’d like? Does the web hosting provider allow you to use plugins or modules to bring your vision to life?
  • Cancellation policy: Is there any red tape or fine print that looks iffy? Does your web hosting company have a clear unambiguous cancellation policy?

With Hostragon as your web host, you have a partner that probably have all the tools, skills, proficiency and dedication to meets your needs. And since you are here reading this, you are one step closer to creating your website with a partner that cares.

Can I create a website if I don't have programming or developer skills?

Building your own website these days is very easy and frankly, requires little or no programming skills though it doesn't hurt if you do.

For example on Hostragon, we provide a drag and drop DIY website builder called Weebly Website Builder that anyone can use to create a great-looking site in an hour.

Weebly is free and designed to provide customers an easy way to get started with an online web presence.

When you publish your site within the Weebly Site Builder application, Weebly will connect to and publish the website to your web hosting using FTP credentials.

But if you are creating or need a custom website, you can do so with CMS (content management system) such as WordPress which has one of lowest entry requirements and with tons of developers that can help for something as low as $100.00.

Publish your site or learn more about Weebly by visiting this page.

What is best and most suitable hosting plan for me?

It all will depend on what you have in mind, the level of technical skill you possess, the level of freedom you need and perhaps regulatory and compliance requirements.

80% of customers will start with our shared web hosting plan and find it more than enough for their needs.

10% of customers will want to start with a private virtual machine or VPS because they want to be able to install third-party tools that may not be allowed on a shared hosting account. This is often true with established e-commerce shops.

5% will start with a dedicated server because they want to meet regulatory requirements, need every resource on the server to themselves and thus, doesn't want any kind of virtualization.

We offer each of these 2 tiers and unless your use case specifically requires a private virtual server or dedicated machine, we highly recommend that you start with the shared tenancy plans.

Unlike other hosts that cram your hosting account with thousands of others making it sluggishly slow, our shared hosting is built in the cloud and uses next generation operating system: CloudLinux OS+.

This OS improves server stability, optimize performance and security by isolating each tenant using a kernel-level technology while providing the customer with the amount of resources (CPU, IO, memory, processes, etc.) specific to each individual customer.

We also use technologies where users are virtualized to their own file systems, preventing any individual user from impacting other users on the server.

How much does your web hosting plans cost?

We have 1 hosting plan, but with different billing cycles and it starts at $24.27. However the longer your subscription is, the cheaper the plan becomes.

Do I have to pay for my web hosting service in advance?

Yes. Customers are expected to pay for the resources they will consume before actual usage. You can always cancel the hosting subscription if you feel that the reason that prompted you to create the account in the first place has been met.

What is your hosting refund policy?

Since Hostragon offers non-tangible and non-returnable goods, we do not issue refunds once the order is finalized and the product is activated.

All sales (hosting products/services, domain transfers/domain registrations, etc) are considered final.

However, payments made for web hosting may be eligible for a refund if all the following are true:

  1. the web hosting is in "pending" status and has not been activated.
  2. the order is less than 14 days old.
  3. the order is not for domain registrations, domain transfer, private virtual machines or professional services rendered.

Web hosting payments that met the above condition may be refunded minus the PayPal or Stripe payment processor's fee.

For month-to-month hosting plans already activated, no credit will be issued nor any refund given.

You can cancel your service at any time. If you cancel, you will be charged for the current month's service if the cancellation occurred after 1st of each month.

Credits will NOT be provided for setup fees, a la carte items or domain registration fees.

If you have an annual plan and cancel your hosting service, you will be credited money for the prorated, unused months of hosting service minus a $75.00 early termination fee.

Credits will NOT be provided for setup fees, a la carte items or domain registration, domain transfer fees, virtual machines or professional services rendered.

To read more about refunds and cancellation policy, please visit www.hostragon.com/refund-and-cancellation-policy.html

Why doesn't you offer unlimited resources as other hosting companies?

The reason is simple, we want to be as transparent and straight-forward as possible.

We don't want to suspend or terminate your hosting account because you use too much of the promised unlimited hosting package.

We have factored the cost of each resource and priced our hosting plan accordingly for the long haul.

The only thing we can afford to offer as an "unmetered resource" is storage and that is because it is cheaper than the other resources your account uses.

As a customer, you will have clear visibility to the actual usage of each resource.

What is your server uptime and what does the term server mean?

A server uptime is a check request sent to a server or a host machine to determine the availability and whether if will it respond as so.

All uptime checks use either HTTP GET or POST requests or TCP requests. Our engineers configures the service to check our system's health by sending requests to your applications, services, or URLs from various locations around the world.

We then use the results of the checks as conditions in our alert policies, so our monitoring tram will be notified if system health is degraded.

At Hostragon, we have ensure that our infrastructure network architecture is designed for maximum reliability and uptime with the servers we host your application/website on built to deliver 99.98% availability. The remaining part is for scheduled downtime. All systems are inherently redundant by design, and each subsystem is not dependent on any particular physical or logical server for ongoing operation.

If we do not meet the target, and you as a customer meets your obligations under our SLA, you will be eligible to receive credits.

What kind of database do you provide?

We provide MySQL and PostgreSQL databases with phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin to manage/manipulate them.

Do you allow remote hosts (servers) to access MySQL databases?

By default, MySQL on our systems is configured to only use the localhost interface (IP address for networking. This means that port 3306 is closed to external connections.

Where are Hostragon data-centers?

Our data-centers are located in Tokyo, Japan, Singapore, Oregon, Ashburn, Ohio, and Iowa (United States).

Can I upgrade my hosting account at anytime?

While customers usually starts with pre-configured or pre-set resources, you can always easily upgrade, add more resources as needed or change the configuration of your server at a click of a button.

Will I have SSH access?

Yes, every hosting account comes with SSH/SFTP access.

Will I still have access to my WordPress Dashboard?

Yes. Once you install or our team install WordPress for you, you will gain access to your WordPress admin dashboard right away.

Do you offer managed or unmanaged hosting in your shared hosting plans?

Our shared hosting servers are already been managed on your behalf.

For cloud virtual machines and dedicated servers though, we covers these below under our managed server offering:

  • the initial server setup/configuration
  • system security & hardening, server security firewall, IDS (intrusion detection system/login failure detection), advanced WAF, protection against common URL based hack injections, protection against http based attacks, multi-layered defense architecture ensures precision targeting and eradication of malware and viruses, and host of other security related configurations
  • server optimization so you can get the most out of your server's specs
  • 24/7 server monitoring and reboot
  • kernel updates and server routine maintenance
  • server backups & disaster recovery preparedness

However, if you are on our shared hosting and need more hands-on approach where our technical team helps you with the management of your web hosting account, then you can add the optional Concierge Plan at the cost of $40.00 per month to your existing hosting account.

How much disk space do I get & how much do I need?

On average, we’ve found that the most websites storage needs often falls within 300 MB and 12GB. On our hosting platform, every hosting account starts with 600GB of data storage per month.

Should your website or hosting account need more, just let us know and we will add more as needed.

How much bandwidth does my hosting account get?

Our data so far shows that most sites averages around 300 MB - 75GB per month for most heavily trafficked websites. Our customers starts off with 100GB of egress bandwidth per month and more can be purchased if and when needed.

What happens when disk space or bandwidth limits are reached?

If and when you need more disk space or bandwidth, each server on our hosting platform is capable of scaling to up to 5TB of storage and 16TB in bandwidth. All you need is to ask us to add more or for more options.

How much does additional space and bandwidth cost if I go over the limit?

Extra storage is $0.25 per GB and bandwidth is $0.65 per GB.

What is my storage quota and how can I check my usage?

Your disk quota starts at 100GB and you can view your disk usage by logging to cPanel, scrolling to Files and selecting Disk Usage.

This interface displays information about your files, your directories, and how you use your account’s disk space.

This helps you to manage your disk space quota use, because it displays files and directories that use large amounts of hard disk space.

Can I host a dynamic PHP site in my hosting account?

Yes. Our hosting platform is capable of hosting both static HTML files and dynamic languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby and others.

What are Hostragon name-servers?

Our name-servers are:

  • ns1.mydnsnode.com
  • ns2.mydnsnode.com
  • ns3.mydnsnode.com
  • ns4.mydnsnode.com

What do I need to maintain my website?

On the basic level, you definitely need to have a way to manage your website files. And for that, we have provided a browser-based File Manager that organizes all the files in your account into folders. With this, you can use this File Manager interface to manage and edit your files.

You can also use an SFTP or SSH client to transfer files from your computer to your hosting storage space.

You will also need a text editor and for that, we recommend either:

Can I password-protect a file or directory on the server?

Yes you can. To password-protect a directory, please login to cPanel, scroll to Files and select Directory Privacy.

This interface allows you to protect specific directories in your cPanel account’s files. After you enable this feature for a directory, when users attempt to view that directory via a website, the system prompts them to log in.

Please note that this feature modifies .htaccess configurations in order to restrict access to files on your websites.

It also does not protect directories that users access via FTP, SFTP, Web Disk, or other services, or when they access files locally.

What is your bulk e-mail/spam policy?

As a matter of principle, we prefer having few customers who can abide by our Terms of Service, than have 10 million that will violate the trust we have reposed on them.

Because of the incalculable damage it does to everyone, spam of any kind, is not tolerated on our hosting platform. It goes against everything we stand for and believe in.

Using our hosting platform for spamming will result in immediate and complete termination/expulsion.

Does Hostragon offer enterprise solutions?

We offer several different options for businesses with larger requirements. PJust let us know what you need and we will provide you with options.

Can I upgrade my account?

We offer 1 hosting package. But you can add more resources individually as needed by either logging in to your customer portal or doing it via cPanel.

If you’re not sure how to get this done, get in touch with our support team and they’ll be able to help you to make the most economical decision.

Does Hostragon offer development services?

No we do not currently offer in-house development services but we are more than happy to point to web developers we have worked with.

Does Hostragon backup my data?

Yes, we backup you your account thrice a week to an off-site locations and for business customers, we do this daily.

We also provide easy-to-use tools that enable customers to backup and restore their website at anytime using their control panel.

Does Hostragon provide a domain name?

We provide FREE domain name when you subscribe for an annual or biennial hosting plans.

Does Hostragon provide SSL certificates?

Yes, we offer a CA-validated SSL to every domain or website you host with us.

Does Hostragon offer a CDN Service?

Yes, we've partnered with Cloudflare, Fastly, Imperva & Amazon Cloudfront to offer a CDN services.

How long does it take to set up a Hostragon hosting account?

Our hosting account setup is near-instant and new customers can start managing their new hosting account immediately.

The only thing that will delay your hosting order is if we are unable to verify the payment method used or your order requires manual verification.

In that case, just contact the account and billing team with your order number so we take a look and tell you what might be holding it up.

Does Hostragon offer Windows hosting?

No, we don't as we are a Linux hosting company.

Can I transfer my website to Hostragon?

Yes - and we can help you migrate from another cPanel server or third-party control panel. Our Migrations team has successfully migrated thousands of servers over the years to our hosting platform.

While we aim to make the process as seamless and transparent as possible, we will need to ask you for some important information before your migration.

If you’re using either cPanel as a control panel, our Migration Team can help.

For Plesk, DirectAdmin or Ensim, some exceptions and concerns exist in the data migration process.

To start, please visit and submit a ticket .

Our migration specialist will generate a customized plan for the migration based on the size and quantity of sites that you plan to migrate.

Will Hostragon help me to create my website?

We would have love o but we are web hosting engineers and want to leave that to web developers and web designers who work with us.

However, we do provide an easy-to-use drag and drop website builder and web application auto installers.

We also have a knowledge base as well as a range of tutorials which were written with new customers in mind to help them to get started and to make the most of their Hostragon plan. So we don't anticipate you having much problem in this regard.

If you are unable to get this completed and don't have a competent web developer who can assist you actualize your vision, we can point you in the right direction.

So how do I create a website?

If you are not hosting static HTML files, we do offer Softaculous 1-click application installer. Softaculous is a script that we provide that let you focus on using apps rather than spending time on installing them. With it, you can install PHP, PERL, JAVA, JavaScript applications to your domain with just a couple of clicks.

It will typically create tables your database needs, install softwares, adjust permissions, and modify your web server configuration files. Once done, it provides you with an admin URL so you can start customizing your website.

If you are hosting static files, we can help move the files to your server and all you need to do is to point your browser to where they are and voila ... your website is live.

Can I buy hosting without a domain name?

Yes, you can. If you want to, you can purchase domain names from elsewhere and point it to your server with Hostragon.

By pointing we mean changing the name-servers, MX records and A records to point to the ones given to you once your hosting account is ready.

The A and MX record will depend on the host machine and data-center where your hosting account was deployed.

However, we recommend keeping your domain name and your website hosting together under a single provider.

Transferring your existing domain name to Hostragon makes it easier and way more for convenient for troubleshooting issues. This is especially true when your website is down and every single minute counts.

How can I be sure Hostragon hosting is secure?

At Hostragon, we’re committed to doing our part in keeping your data secure by providing a modern security infrastructure from the user, to the device, to the application, to the platform.

Our hosting platform was built to to identify new, modified, or deleted assets, detect some of the most common application vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting or outdated libraries in your web applications running on any server and to gather data, identify threats, and act on them before they result in business damage or loss.

Our security team via an intuitive, intelligent risk dashboard and analytics system that provide a unique view of incoming threats and attacks across our entire platform.

We use virtual machines hardened by a set of security controls that help defend against threats like remote attacks, privilege escalation, and malicious insiders.

We regularly undergo independent verification of our security and believe you will find our platform one that is more than capable of keeping you, your customers and your data safe from any malicious attack.

Do you support WordPress?

We do have a nice WordPress setup that come with a power tool to install, manage, update, secure, test, clone, stage environment, backup and restore all WordPress sites in minutes. Please visit wordpress-toolkit-hosting page to start your WordPress hosting.

Can I purchase 1 month hosting?

Actually, yes as our hosting package are priced time-wise. Each of them have the same configuration and the only thing that differentiate them is the subscription period. You can always cancel whenever you don't have the need for it anymore.

I am student. Do you offer web hosting discounts?

If you're a student at a higher learning institution and university, you may be eligible for a 50% discount. Chat with us or send us an email with a valid student ID, school-issued or an .edu email address to get your promo code.

Does your hosting platform supports Windows?

Sadly no. We don't offer Windows hosting. We are a Linux-centric web hosting company and thus doesn't offer Net framework, MS SQL SERVER Database, or IIS.

Can I deploy my website in Japan?


On request, we can also host your website and applications in Japan's second cloud region, Osaka.

Hosting applications in the Tokyo and Osaka regions provides low latency for end users across Japan.

These locations deliver a secure, reliable cloud that you can use to digitally transform your business.

During the order configuration, you have the option to choose Tokyo as the location where you want your data to be hosted.

Do you offer Singapore web hosting?

Customers looking for a great web business hosting experience can definitely use our Singapore hosting data-center. Like our Japan web hosting above, customers can host their website and store data in Singapore.

Performance testing shows 51% to 98% reductions in round-trip time (RTT) latency when you are using this data-center and serving your customers in Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok compared to using other Hostragon regions in Taiwan or Tokyo.

Do you offer free hosting?

Unless you are a non-profit organization, no we don't.

Can you install a website for me after becoming a customer?

Yes we certainly can. All you need to do is to visit our request form and let our technical team know the application you want us to install on your website.

Does reseller hosting have unlimited cPanel accounts?

The number of domains each reseller hosting can host is tied to the number of its parent hosting account which is 10. Additional domains can be purchase at just 0.55 per month.

Do you offer reseller hosting?

Every hosting account can be upgraded FREE to have access to cPanel & WHM Reseller UI. Customers are expected to make a request for this after showing competence that they understand how it works.

What kind of support will I get?

Here at Hostragon, we pride ourselves on our support team. In fact, we call our support team our customer success team, because we go the extra mile to make sure that our customers are as successful as possible.

If you have a problem, no matter what it is, then get in touch with us. We’ll do our best to fix it if it’s something that’s under control. And even if not, we’ll try to point you in the right direction.

How do I contact Hostragon customer service?

Please visit our ticket submission page to send us an email.

Not sure what to do or where to start?

Just fill out this short form and someone from our Sales Team will find the best web hosting option for you.

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