Refund & Cancellation Policy

We strive to be equitable and just in our dealings with our customers. That is the reason for this refund & cancellation policy. Read it carefully as it is enforceable and here to protect you and us. If you need clarification on anything, please do let us know.

Hosting Refund Policy

Hostragon do not refund payments for setup fees, à la carte items or domain registration, domain transfer fees, virtual machines or professional services rendered.

Refunds are considered if all the following conditions are true:

  1. the web hosting order is still in "pending" status and has not yet been activated.
  2. the order is not for domain registrations, domain transfer, provisioned compute VM, provisioned dedicated server or professional service rendered.

Web hosting payments that met the above condition will be refunded minus the PayPal or Stripe payment processor fee.

For month-to-month hosting plans already activated, no credit will be issued nor any refund given.

If the account has been activated, you can cancel your service before the next billing date is due.

If you cancel, you will be charged for the current month's service if the cancellation occurred after the 1st of each month.

If you have an annual plan and cancel your hosting service, you will be credited money for the prorated, unused months of hosting service minus a $75.00 early termination fee.

Hosting Account Cancellation Policy

As a customer, you can cancel to close your hosting account, billing accounts, support account, or your entire Hostragon account at any time from our client area.

Your closure of your Hostragon account serves as notice to us that you want to terminate the Hostragon customer agreement or other agreement with Hostragon that governs your Hostragon account.

For security reasons, the Hostragon Support team cannot close an account on your behalf.

You must be signed in as the Hostragon billing account as the main user of the account to close an account.

Before you closing your Hostragon account, please back up any resources or data that you want to keep.

Cancellation Request Process

  • Log in to your billing account.
  • Ensure that all outstanding bills has been paid and that there are no overdue payments. We will charge you through your designated payment method for any usage fees incurred before you closed your Hostragon account.
  • Click the Request Cancellation button on the product details page in client area.
  • Provide a cancellation reason & select either Instant or at the End of the Current Billing Cycle.
  • If a matching domain exists under your account in active status with Auto Renew enabled, you are given the option to disable auto-renew too - thereby leaving the domain to expire.
  • Submit the request.

Once you submit the request, a notification email will send to our billing team.

Please note that canceling web hosting does not automatically cancel your domain name.

If you no longer want to renew your domain, please contact us with the name of the domain you no longer want to renew. To help expedite your request, please contact us via the email address associated with the domain name or provide us the order number.

Cancellation Effective Period

Unless otherwise selected or if you select End of the Current Billing Cycle, your account will be canceled on the next renewal date, and you will continue to have access to your account until that time.

For example, if your next renewal date is in 2 weeks, and you tell us you want to cancel, then your account will stay open for those 2 weeks, then cancel on the renewal date.

If you want the cancellation to be effective immediately or before the next renewal date, please select this from the Instant cancellation options when you start the process.

If a cancellation request has been submitted, and you later change your mind, please contact us to void the cancellation request.

Please note that when a product or service is terminated, any child add-on(s) or product attached to the product/service will also be canceled at the same time.

It is also worth noting that even after your account is closed, you might continue to be charged for the subscription through your designated payment method until the subscription expires. These charges and refunds might occur after you close your account.

Account Reinstatement

After an account is closed, you can still file a support case or contact Hostragon Support to reinstate the account for 90 days.

If you reopen your Hostragon account during the post-closure period, you will be charged $50.00 USD for account reinstatement.

If you reopen your Hostragon account during the post-closure period (that is, within 90 days after your account is closed), you agree that the same agreement terms will govern your access to and use of the service offerings through your reopened Hostragon account.

After 90 days, any content remaining in your account will be permanently deleted.

If the customer wishes to restore the data associated with an account after it has been terminated, and it has exceeded 3 days after the termination, the customer is expected to provide the infrastructure team with a backup copy of his or her data as the previous data has been irrevocably and permanently purged from our backups systems.

Need to cancel your order?

If after reading the above you believe you are eligible for a refund, click on the button below to create a ticket with our billing team.

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