Hostragon is a web hosting provider with an office in Atlanta, Georgia offering best-in-class cloud cPanel hosting services via managed shared hosting, cPanel VPS and cPanel dedicated servers. Our team is made up of Linux trained, cPanel trained, Plesk trained engineers, AWS & GCP cloud solution architects and system admins.

That means that beyond hosting some of the fastest websites online for our customers, we also design and deploy business solutions (with or without cPanel) that offers complete control, security, scalability, and ease-of-management for businesses of all sizes.

Our sole aim is to provide customers with that special kind of personalized hosting service that enable websites and businesses to successfully compete, survive & thrive.

Whether a customer wishes to go with our managed shared hosting service, or take advantage of our cPanel VPS hosting or decide to go with our single-tenant cPanel VDS (cloud dedicated servers), each options is designed to yield the kind of result that make the investment worth every cent.

Our Mission Focus

As a U.S company offering website hosting services, our focal point has been and still remain to provide such hosting service platform that:

  • is simple, fast, and easy to understand and use.
  • automatically scales for peaks and spikes instantly to meet the demand of unexpected surges in traffic.
  • is able to deliver good, accurate, and clear results to the end user.
  • is secured in order to fully protect our users' data.
  • is able to scale in order to meet a higher demand as the user base grows.
  • is able to expand in order to constantly add more features and tools.
  • is useful and super-efficient.

Our Core Values & Philosophy

Our basic business philosophy helps us determine the objective, approach to objective and general direction of our company. This philosophy comprises of basic management objective and company creed which together serve as a compass, helping us set and maintain the right direction for our business.

  • we want to become a valued web hosting to our customers, investors, business partners, colleagues and to the communities where we work and live.
  • we want to dedicate ourselves to providing outstanding services for the best possible price to our customers.
  • we want to deliver first-class support and enterprise-level hosting services to businesses of all sizes and kinds around the world.
  • we want to fulfill our purpose and mission through constantly affirming our values of integrity, respect for people, customer focus, community, innovation, teamwork, performance, leadership, and quality.
  • we believe that commitment to these values is the key to our growth.
  • we believe that these are timeless, and remain valid regardless of where our business takes us.

Environment Stewardship

As energy awareness continues to grow, people are looking to make environmentally responsible decisions as consumers. We have made environmental efficiency an integral part of our business model and our success.
Hostragon in conjunction with our partners believes that minimizing our environmental impact is essential – not just for being responsible corporate citizens but for providing our customers the best on-demand data center solutions available.

To us, minimizing our environmental impact provides our customers the opportunity to improve their environmental footprint too, as they replace inefficient internal operations with our optimized solutions.

Our Contact Info:

To contact us either visit our: contact page or office at:

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Phone: (678) 909-1850
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